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Curriculum Vitae

Margret I. Moré, Ph. D   

Dergree in Microbiology, Cornell University, Ithaca NY, U.S.A

        Medical Writer,
                 Nonclinical Expert,
                         Regulatory Affairs Manager,
                                       Senior Consultant

living in Berlin, Germany

born 1970







Professional experience


07/2019 - current     Independent occupation as Consultant and Medical Writer
01/2010 –06/2019    

Independent sideline occupation as Consultant and Medical Writer

11/2013 – 06/2019    

Regulatory Affairs Manager for DendroPharm GmbH (part time)
   - Regulatory affairs
   - Toxicological research in vivo & in vitro

11/2005 – 08/2018    

analyze & realize AG, Berlin (since 2009 as Senior Consultant), project management in Regulatory Affairs and Consulting & Strategic Innovation.

09/1997 – 04/2004    

Scientist at the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin-Buch. Lab-research about the in vivo function of the neural membrane proteins CALEB-M and NrCAM. Project management of the analysis of N-Cadherin deficient zebra fish.

01/1997 – 06/1997    

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA: Post-doctoral research as continuation of doctoral work - research on the enzyme function of the autoinducer synthase TraI of Agrobacterium tumefaciens.



Education and Ph.D.



Ph.D. from Cornell University in microbiology

1993 – 1997    

Doctoral research in Prof. Stephen C. Winans’ Labor about the regulation of bacterial conjugation in Agrobacterium tumefaciens und E. coli

1993 – 1994    

Teaching assistant for undergraduate courses (Microbiology Lab and Theory)
Graduate study in Microbiology at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, U.S.A.


Bachelors degree with „very good“ in biology (botany, zoology) and „very good“ in chemistry and physics

1989 – 1992    

Study of biology at the Universität Hamburg
University courses in botany, zoology, chemistry, physics and soil science

1980 – 1989    

High School degree with a 1.3 GPA “very good”, Gymnasium Wentorf, near Hamburg



Selection of Projects


Co-founder of DendroPharm GmbH    
  • Co-development of business plan
  • Development of regulatory route for new excipients, regulatory coordination & VetDossier writing
  • Planning and study coordination of veterinary clinical trials
  • Study director of two pharmacokinetic studies at the Charié, Berlin
  • Co-development of QM-system for ISO9001 certification
  • Authority meetings
Data analysis of clinical/nonclinical study data, including biostatistical interpretation, manuscript writing and publication    
  • E.g. regarding clinical study data of a dental medical device, a cholesterol-lowering product, a product preventing cognitive decline in elderly, a product for reducing heartburn, a product for gonarthritis pain reduction
  • E.g. regarding toxicological study data for a nutraceutical ingredient for improved metabolic health
Review writing    

In the field of gastroenterology and herbal medicine


Writing, review and quality control of marketing authorization dossiers (CTDs/eCTDs) for different drugs    
  • Traditional herbal medicinal products, including proof of tradition and authority meetings
    (Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Netherlands)
  • Well-established use drugs
  • Homeopathic drugs

In particular:

- Non-clinical: Module 2.4 (expert statement), 2.6 and Module 4

- Clinic: module 2.5 (expert statement), 2.7 and module 5

- Pharmaceutical Quality (CMC): Module 2.3 (expert statement) and Module 3: Construction and/or dossier changes (variations) and life cycle management for around 25 Quality dossiers.

- Forms etc .: Module 1

- Or equivalent vet dossier parts

Writing of other scientific expert statements    
  • E.g. scientific consulting and writing of expert statements to counter authority notices of defects.
  • E.g. Expert statement during product development for an Asian Company
  • E.g. Expert statement for the scientific support of a US court procedure
Analysis of market data & sales trends & regulatory requirements; preparation of a product development plan    
  • E.g. for a special protein-product for the prevention/treatment of infective diarrhoea
  • E.g. for herbal products and compounds from Southern Africa
  • E.g. for product positioning of herbal extracts in Europe for an Asian Company
  • E.g. for the use of medicinal cannabis within the EU
Product developments for new herbal drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis/ osteoarthritis    
  • Determination of all necessary nonclinical and clinical studies
  • Planning of the quality parameters for drug substance and product quality (CMC)
  • Authority meetings to confirm the planned studies and the quality specifications.
Writing of Novel Food dossiers    
  • E.g. for the EU market entry of an anti-oxidative herbal compound, for an Eastern-European company.
  • E.g. for the EU market entry of two traditional foods from Southern Africa
Planning and management of nonclinical studies    
  • E.g. for a drug against common cold or a drug to treat diarrhoea
  • E.g. a pharmacokinetic study for a dermal drug excipient
Writing of study plans for phase II and III clinical studies    
  •  E.g. for a drug to treat osteoarthritis for a large US company


Raw material sourcing in Asia and South Africa


  •  For food and drug purposes




“Liebig scholarship” from the funds of the chemical industry for post doctorate candidates


MDC Post-Doc Stipend


Teaching Assistantship, Section of Microbiology, Cornell University


Bernhard Davis Scholarship


Direct exchange scholarship, Cornell Abroad Program


Fulbright Travel Grant



Skills and Interests


Computer skills    
  • CTD writing (NeeS)
  • MS-Office
  • Data bank research (e.g. Medline, DIMDI/AMIS)
  • Image construction and processing (e.g. Photoshop, CorelDRAW)
  • Web page construction (e.g. www.zintona.at)
  • Agency software (TROI)
Language proficiency    

Business fluent English, basic knowledge French and Latin

Personal interests    

My children, gardening, hiking, painting



Publications (Numerous poster abstratcs not listed; * = corresponding author)


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